Our History

Snapt has had an amazing journey since it began in 2012, and we'd love to share it with you!

2012 — An idea becomes a startup


Snapt is founded by Dave Blakey, and raises seed capital from 4Di Capital. It begins to sell it's load balancing (only) product online to clients and immediately finds success and rapid growth.

2012 — Snapt becomes profitable


Snapt reaches profitability very quickly off the back of successful sales to clients like NASA. Begins to plan for more rapid expansion globally.

2013 — Snapt expands into ADC


Snapt starts working with larger clients and across the world and realises most traffic is web based — how else can we optimize and protect web traffic? The Application Delivery Controller space begins.

2014 — Snapt reaches 1,000 clients


Snapt is now well known in the load balancing and ADC space. The business continues to grow quickly as Snapt expands it's support and sales capacity, offering the best support in the industry.

2015 — Snapt opens offices in America


Snapt's rapid growth (1000% year-on-year) leads them to open offices in the US, which accounts for 60% of their sales. This sees more growth in the business as they cross 20 staff in two countries.

2016 — Snapt opens Cape Town Office


Snapt expands into Cape Town, South Africa, to further enable the business to scale with excellent development and support staff in the amazing city of Cape Town.

2017 — Snapt hits 10,000 clients


Snapt now has clients in over 50 countries, with more than 10,000 active users. The product is trusted by big brands including NASA, ClearManage, Target and others. Snapt becomes a disruptive and powerful player in the ADC space.

2018 — Snapt continues to mature


Snapt is now included in Gartner reports and is a common name in the ADC space, just 6 years after it's inception. We continue to strive to work with the best companies in the world, and support them fanatically.

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