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Online Gaming Company
Using the Snapt ADC, BetTech Gaming has reduced its load times by 60% and costs by 30%.
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DDoS Prevention CDN
Using the Snapt ADC, RivalHost has saved over $250,000 in development and staffing costs.
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Online Sports Website
Using Snapt HitsSports LTD has reduced down time and now provides its clients with a more stable platform.
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Hotel and Resort Bookings
Since using the Balancer, Save on Resorts has reduced its staff’s workload and made huge cost savings.
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Financial Services Email
Snapt allows load balancing for Exchange, letting Balmain utilize multiple mail servers simultaneously.
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Data Center Speed
Snapt reduces latency between users and their servers, greatly improving customer satisfaction.
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Global Data Center
Global DC so impressed after a customer deployed Snapt into its cloud, it decided to make use of the services too.
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Global Technology VAR
Snapt helps to build customer confidence and lower maintenance costs.

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