Snapt for IIS Load Balancing

Microsoft IIS Web Server Load Balancing and High Availability

Snapt is the most advanced web server load balancer on the market.

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Perfect for IIS

Microsoft IIS web servers are able to be intelligently load balanced and have their health monitored with amazing detail using Snapt. Snapt Balancer is a full Layer 7 HTTP/S load balancer with rulesets, SSL acceleration, advanced health checking and much more.

It's also part of the Snapt ADC package which includes our Web Accelerator and Web Application firewall. Snapt ensures your IIS servers stay online, but also perform quickly and are secure from threats!

We have a quick and easy wizard which allows you to set up load balancing between as many IIS servers as you require, and many more advanced options are available for the perfect set-up.


Snapt understands HTTP and HTTPS traffic at Layer 7, meaning you can modify headers, route traffic based on rulesets and accelerate SSL.

Full ADC

Snapt is a full Application Delivery Controller, capable of so much more than simple load balancing, and is all included in your package.

Weights and backups

Configure weighted routing and backup policies for your critical services, ensuring the most optimal IIS servers are always used, with full redundancy.

Full Redundancy

Snapt allows you to easily set up high availability for your IIS cluster. Snapt has full automated redundancy and will ensure your website stays online.

to learn how a load balancer works.

Microsoft Load Balancing Partner

Snapt is a Microsoft Partner, and the Snapt Load Balancer comes pre-configured to load balance Microsoft IIS web servers.

Rest easy knowing that Snapt is run on thousands of clients Microsoft infrastructures, and trusted by brands such as NASA, Target, MTV and more. We support Hyper-V, or any cloud platform.


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Get a free Snapt trial to test the Load Balancer, or simply enable the Balancer plugin on your existing Snapt install. As always, all modules are included in your Snapt license!

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Working with the best and brightest clients ensures Snapt stays ahead.

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