Snapt for RDP

Remote Desktop load balancing and high availability to ensure your RDP servers stay online, can easily be scaled, and are constantly monitored. Try Snapt today, or set up a product demonstration with us.

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Perfect for RDP

Snapt Balancer has a specifically designed RDP load balancing compenent, utilizing RDP cookies to keep state for your users. This allows you to keep your servers online and available and easily scale your RDP infrastructure.

Snapt Balancer is a complete software load balancing solution, with a wide variety of features and great performance. It includes an easy-to-use wizard to automatically set up RDP load balancing for any number of servers. Snapt can work with or without terminal brokers or gateways, allowing you ultimate flexibility in your deployments.

Intelligent RDP

Snapt understands RDP, and will keep your users on the correct terminal servers at all times as you scale.


Route traffic based on geographic location, send American users to American datacenters, and more with the included Global Server Load Balancer.

Weights and backups

Configure weighted routing and backup policies for your critical services, ensuring the most optimal Exchange service is always used.


Microsoft Load Balancing Partner

Snapt is a Microsoft Partner, and the Snapt Load Balancer comes pre-configured to load balance RDS (Remote Desktop Services).

Rest easy knowing that Snapt is run on thousands of clients Microsoft infrastructures, and trusted by brands like NASA, Target, MTV and more. We support HyperV, Exchange 2010, 2013 and 2016.


Try it today

Get a free Snapt trial to test the Load Balancer, or simply enable the Balancer plugin on your existing Snapt install. As always, all modules are included in your Snapt license!

Get a free trial or join us for a product demonstration.

A trusted partner to the best

Working with the best and brightest clients ensures Snapt stays ahead.

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