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    Existing or New Install

    Load Snapt onto your existing Linux server running haproxy and have it immediately integrate, or set up a brand new install with an easy-to-use VM image.

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    Configure Squid

    Use Snapt to easily set up Squid, replicate their configurations, set up redundancy, configure alerts and more.

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    Monitor and Visualize

    Use the hundreds of metrics Snapt provides to monitor the performance of squid, cache rates, user requests and more.


Full Squid User Interface

Full GUI

We provide a full GUI for configuration and management of Squid, as well as reporting, alerts, APIs, graphing and much, much more. You can set up a brand new Squid Cache installation or integrate with your existing one. Try it for free.

Thousands of other features

Snapt Squid also includes the full Snapt ADC — use powerful load balancing, web acceleration and application firewalling with your Squid Cache.

Config Management

Manage all the elements of your squid.conf file with our GUI.


Full redundancy with active/passive floating virtual IPs.


Automatically replicate configurations between nodes.


Configure custom alerts to monitor performance and statuses.


Run historic or live reports on your performance metrics.


Live monitor cache requests, hit rates, throughput, errors and more.

Full API

Snapt includes a full API for Squid configuration, reporting, alerts and more.

Full Squid GUI

All of the functions of haproxy are easily configurable, allowing you to achieve more.


Easily set up cache directories, policies, ACLs and more using our wizards.

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The wide array of Snapt additions elevates Squid to an entirely new level. Snapt’s exceptional support and user interface mean that Squid can now be your ready-to-use enterprise or SME caching solution.

  • Instant integration with existing or new Squid setups
  • A full reporting system to see detailed information about sessions, throughput, users and more
  • Redundancy and full configuration replication
  • Custom alerts to monitor when servers are in trouble, go offline, or serve errors
  • An easy-to-use, powerful UI to speed up tasks, manage Squid, and unlock its potential

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