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Snapt is a high-performance Layer 7 load balancer. Our performance recommendations are all based on full TCP/HTTP proxying, and require no network changes.

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Performance Guidelines

These are based on an entry-level 2 CPU, 4GB system.

Platform L7 RPS SSL TPS Throughput
Bare Metal 100,000+ 8,000+ 1gbps+
VMware 60,000+ 6,000+ 1gbps+
Xen 40,000+ 6,000+ 1gbps+
OpenStack/KVM 40,000+ 5,000+ 1gbps+
HyperV 20,000+ 4,000+ 1gbps+

Even on the simplest hardware, Snapt performs extremely well. It is built to handle a large amount of data and a high number of requests per second. Although it is capable of much more, we advise clients that if your load is under 10,000 requests per second, you do not need to concern yourselves with the performance of the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the different values?

Different VM's perform vastly different when it comes to high network loads. Snapt runs on a Linux OS.

Why are SSL transactions lower?

We measure brand new SSL connections, including session negotiation. This is very CPU intensive and our benchmarks are on entry-level hardware.

What performance tweaks are used?

None! You can tweak your VM and the Linux system after this for more performance. Snapt includes several stock tweaks, of course.

Is throughput limited?

Not at all. There is a limitation in terms of network driver on certain VMs though, but not from Snapt.

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