Intelligent, adaptable website security

DoS prevention, Layer 7 HTTP/S firewalling, blacklisting and whitelisting, geographic rulesets.

Snapt WAF integrates directly with the Snapt ADC to protect your business-critical applications.

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Perfect for agile websites

Snapt WAF is a powerful HTTP/S application firewall allowing you to secure and protect your website – block bad users, prevent bots and scripts, and stop data leaks.

Clients including Borwood, MTV and NASA use Snapt to ensure their web services are secure. If you have a business-critical service you need to keep safe, you need Snapt.

Scan HTTP/S Requests

Monitor for SQL injections, data leaks, intrusion attempts and more in headers, body, cookies and URL parameters.

A+ Ratings

With Snapt, you can achieve the coveted A+ SSL security rating for your website, meaning more search engine users and safer clients.

Stay Fast and Online

Snapt includes the Snapt Balancer and Snapt Accelerator, allowing you to scale your application and speed up your website.


Performance, uptime and security

Snapt WAF is part of the Snapt ADC suite, including a full Layer 7 load balancer, web accelerator and web application firewall. If you have a business- critical website or service, you need Snapt.


Easy-to-use, intelligent security

Accelerator Plugin

Simply enable Snapt WAF on any Snapt Accelerator frontends to protect them, while continuing the optimization and performance enhancements provided by the accelerator.

No Subscription

You don't need to pay for a costly monthly or yearly subscription – Snapt updates its blacklists hourly with the latest information, without any cost.


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Get a free Snapt trial to test the WAF, or simply enable the plugin on your existing balancer or accelerator to add security to your platform. As always, all modules are included in your Snapt license!

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Enjoy massive performance

Snapt is capable of over 100,000 Layer 7 HTTP requests per second on entry-level machines,* and over 10,000 SSL TPS. You choose your performance, add more power, and Snapt goes faster!

* 2 vCPU, 2GB of RAM test machine

Easy to use and implement

Snapt is easy to enable, easy to implement and easy to manage. At the flick of a switch, you can add another layer of protection to your business-critical services, while benefiting from all the other modules in the ADC. Test it today!

14-day free trial available

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Snapt is easy to configure for new or experienced users. We offer a full trial with support.

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