Snapt ADC vs F5

Snapt Load Balancers, fully supported Load Balancers, WAF and GSLB at a fraction of the cost of F5. Stop over-provisioning now. If you need a future proof software-only or cloud native ADC solution then you need Snapt.

Snapt ADC
Next-Gen Application Delivery

Snapt and F5 come from different worlds. F5 is a bricks and mortar product from the last millenium that's dominated by outdated practices: large hardware devices, deep and expensive channel and a pricing strategy that's convoluted and expensive.

Snapt has a clear and transparent pricing strategy; is software-only and capable of massive performance on simple VM servers or in containers; and includes full 24/7/365 support on all packages.

40% of Snapt clients are ex-F5 users. Time to get on board?


Snapt F5 Citrix
ADC-2G ADCX-10G VE-200M VE-1G VE-5G VE-10G VPX-10 VPX-200 VPX-1000 VPX-3000
Price $4,900 $18,900 $21,100 $37,500 $53,900 $69,100 $9,760 $18,300 $36,600 $43,920
Throughput 1gbps 10gbps 0.2gbps 1gbps 5gbps 10gbps 0.01gbps 0.2gbps 1gbps 3gbps
SSL TPS (2k) 1,000 10,000 N/A N/A N/A 3,400 100 750 750 750
Snapt includes full enterprise support, F5 specified at 'Best' with Premium support, Citrix specified as Platinum, pricing from August 2018.

The primary differences between F5 and Snapt.


Snapt includes full, high-level support in all its Enterprise-level products, with SLA guarantees. F5 charges a large amount of money for the same service. Additionally, Snapt does not outsource support.


Snapt is widely considered the most attractive and user-friendly load balancing/ADC product. We offer free trials, and feature many screenshots of our product. Once you have tried the Snapt interface, you will feel the difference!


Snapt has the best cost/request and cost/SSL request. The product has no hard limits, and scales as your VM or cloud solution scales. More power means more requests – not more costs! F5 is prohibitively expensive, and you must pay extra for ADC modules.


Snapt competes with F5 on a feature-by-feature basis. But – Snapt includes ALL products and features. That means you receive all our modules – GSLB, acceleration, SSL, compression, WAF! F5 charges for each!

Software Only

Snapt is a software-only ADC solution. We do not offer a hardware appliance and do not limit our software offering to sell you hardware. The product is flexible and agile – just as a VM solution should be. F5 still focus on hardware.


All Snapt solutions from the ADC-500 up include full, free redundancy. We do not charge you for the second server, and we provide full support for both servers. F5 charges you for both servers.

Snapt is a modern ADC built for the networks of today and tomorrow. Leading technology companies around the world trust Snapt for their business-critical servers. Try it!

Enjoy massive performance

Snapt is capable of over 100,000 Layer 7 HTTP requests per second on entry-level machines,* and over 10,000 SSL TPS. You choose your performance, add more power, and Snapt goes faster!

* 2 vCPU, 2GB of RAM test machine

Easy to use and implement

Snapt is easy to enable, easy to implement and easy to manage. At the flick of a switch, you can add another layer of protection to your business-critical services, while benefiting from all the other modules in the ADC. Test it today!

14-day free trial available

Download Snapt now and be up and running in minutes

Snapt is easy to configure for new or experienced users. We offer a full trial with support.

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