Snapt What is an ADC?

An ADC is an application delivery controller. In simple terms, it combines the functionality of a load balancer, web accelerator and web application firewall in order to ensure your business-critical website or service stays online, performs quickly, and is secure.

If you have a service or website that either has to stay online, needs to load quickly, or needs protection from threats, you should consider an Application Delivery Controller.

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The three core components

Availability, performance and security.

  1. 1

    Load Balancing

    Load balancing provides high availability and visibility for your servers by ensuring users go to the best backend server for their requests, and handling servers that go offline or return errors.

  2. 2

    Web Acceleration

    Web acceleration focusses on two areas: offloading your backend servers using caching, SSL acceleration, compression offloading and more; and accelerating the delivery to your clients by automatically optimizing the website.

  3. 3

    Web Application Firewall

    WAF's intelligenly scan requests as they come through to ensure they are not intrusion attempts, denial of service attacks, or worms, among other threats. These secure and protect your website.

What to expect in your ADC?

Some of the features you should look forward to!

A+ Web Acceleration

Accelerate your website with a powerful HTTP/S web accelerator to offload your servers, improve page load times and get A+ SSL ratings.

True High Availability

Stay online under pressure and intelligently route traffic with a Layer 7 load balancer. Enjoy amazing visibility, reporting, alerts and more.

24/7/365 Support

ADC's sit in a critical part of your network, and you need to ensure you are supported by an excellent team of always available staff. Typically ADC's are very reliable!

Web Application Firewall

Get protection against SQL injections, worms, leaks and more using a WAF. Sleep well at night – we certainly do!

Global Server Load Balancing

Use a GSLB to route traffic intelligently around the globe and allow you to easily create a co-location set-up.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your pricing work?

Have a look at our clear and transparent pricing page for more detail. Snapt is the only vendor to include all these products without added costs.

Do you have to use all the components?

No. We have many clients who just use the Balancer, or Accelerator, etc. Snapt is modular and will fit into your environment.

Software vs Hardware ADC?

Snapt is a pure software-only ADC. We have no hardware options and are designed for cloud, VM, and container usage. Many competitors focus on hardware and have crippled software offerings.

Is throughput limited?

Not at all. There is a limitation in terms of network driver on certain VMs though, but not from Snapt.

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