Snapt Load Balancer for AWS Load Balancing

Compare Snapt Features and Pricing to AWS Load Balancer Pricing

Launch our load balancer AMI from the Amazon marketplace and get true layer 7 load balancing in EC2. You’ll be up and running with reports and graphs, powerful settings and high performance before you know it! Scale up from Amazon ELB. All Snapt ADC’s include: Load Balancer WAF GSLB and one year of support

See how to launch our Load Balancer AMI in the AWS marketplace:

AWS Marketplace


Amazon ELB is a great service for those starting to scale up, but for anyone needing more robust load balancing, support or customized installations Snapt ADC are the better option, Deploy a Snapt load balancer directly into AWS via the Amazon Marketplace.

All Snapt load balancers include 24/7/365 support including debugging and assisting with AWS specific load balancing and networking issues.

Snapt ELB
Port & Protocol Control
Ability to run on any port/protocol.
Yes Yes Yes No
Pricing Model
Snapt scales better.
Once-Off Pay Per Mb
Load Balancing Methods
Amazon has limited algorithms.
Yes Many Partial Few
Burst Traffic
ELB does not handle bursts well.
Yes Yes Yes No
Support for auto-scaling instances.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to set and control client, server and connection timeouts.
Yes Yes Yes Partial
Fixed Elastic IPs
Snapt can use your elastic IPs for load balancing.
Yes Yes Yes No
Internal Load Balancing
Snapt can load balance internally for instances.
Yes Yes Yes No
Logging Abilities
Snapt has detailed historic and live logging.
Yes Yes Yes No

Snapt The Perfect Load Balancer for AWS starting at $1,200.

Snapt is a total ADC for Amazon network and application load balancing.

Snapt load balancer, WAF and GLSB provide a more advanced, more configurable and more visible AWS load balancer at an affordable price. If you need more features and more reporting than you are currently getting for Amazon’s Elastic Load Balancer then TRY a Snapt Load Balancer for Free Snapt is what happens when people like you make a load balancer for companies using the AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB).


Snapt supports auto-scaling in EC2, so you don't need to worry about losing the ability to dynamically scale up or down.

Full ADC

Snapt is a total application delivery control platform — web acceleration, WAF, layer 7 load balancing and more await.

Far more advanced

Snapt is a far more advanced load balancer than ELB or ALB. Custom timeouts, ports, Let's Encrypt support, the list goes on!


Amazon Partner

Snapt is a Amazon Marketplace Vendor, and the Snapt Load Balancer comes pre-configured to run in EC2.

Rest easy knowing that Snapt is run in thousands of clients EC2 set-ups, and trusted by brands like NASA, Target, MTV and more.


Try it today

Get a free Snapt trial to test the product. It's available to launch easily from the AWS marketplace. As always, all modules are included in your Snapt license!

Get a free trial or join us for a product demonstration.

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Working with the best and brightest clients ensures Snapt stays ahead.

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