Microsoft ADC Solutions

Exchange, RDP, and other application delivery solutions designed for Microsoft services.


Perfect for Microsoft Services

Exchange 2010, 2013 and 2016, Remote Desktop, Connection Brokers, ActiveSync, Outlook Anywhere, and more. Keep them all online, fast and reliable!

Snapt Balancer is a complete software load balancing solution, with a focus on highly available Microsoft services! Snapt has teamed up with Microsoft to ensure we can offer the best services and solutions, as well as the best support for Microsoft platforms.

All Exchange Services

Load balance your OWA, incoming email, IMAP/POP users and more. Snapt is a total high availability solution for Exchange.

One-click RDP

Snapt has a wizard for Microsoft Remote Desktop servers, you'll be online with full high availability in minutes!

Hyper-V Ready

Snapt can run inside on Hyper-V, making it your ideal Microsoft-only solution that's easy to maintain.


Microsoft Exchange

Snapt is a total solution for load balancing Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2013 or 2016. Learn more on our Snapt for Exchange page, or schedule a product demonstration with us.


Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop load balancing and high availability to ensure your RDP servers stay online, can easily be scaled, and are constantly monitored. See more on our Remote Desktop Load Balancer page.

* 2 vCPU, 2GB of RAM test machine. Read more.


Microsoft IIS

Snapt is a the best load balancer for Microsoft IIS web servers. Learn more on our IIS Load Balancing page, or schedule a product demonstration with us. Our primary focus is HTTP/S availability!

A trusted partner to the best

Working with the best and brightest clients ensures Snapt stays ahead.

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Microsoft Load Balancing Partner

Snapt is a Microsoft Partner, and the Snapt Load Balancer comes pre-configured to load balance Microsoft services.

Rest easy knowing that Snapt is run on thousands of clients Microsoft infrastructures, and trusted by brands like NASA, Target, MTV and others. We support HyperV, Exchange, RDP and more.


Try it today

Get a free Snapt trial to test the Load Balancer, or simply enable the Balancer plugin on your existing Snapt install. As always, all modules are included in your Snapt license!

Get a free trial or join us for a product demonstration.